What is Kokedama? Would you like to grow one?

About Kokedama

Kokedama is a Japanese word, koke means moss and dama means a ball. "Moss Ball".

Kokedama is made by shaping as a ball, wrapping a plant with soil, securing with fine mesh, and protecting with natural green moss around the outside. The history of kokedama can be traced back over a hundred years ago. Kokedama has become very popular in Australia.

Kokedama are usually displayed on a shallow ornamental dish. Kokedama can be attached to a piece of string to hang and displayed in air. You can enjoy them in many ways. Kokedama Pink Serrisa

Easy Care

Care of Kokedama is the same as for bonsai. Depending on the type of plant material used, generally they grow well outside in half-day sun or in a semi-shaded area. Some house plants used as kokedama can be grown indoors in a well lit area.

They require watering every day during spring to summer with a fine nozzle watering wand. You can spray the moss with water from a spray bottle when the moss looks dry. It is recommended to soak the whole kokedama in deep water once a month, with a diluted liquid fertiliser, for 10 minutes.

If the moss becomes very dry and falls off, replace with fresh green moss to maintain a good appearance.

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Kokedama bloodgrass      Kokedama fern