Seasonal Notes Spring



Spring is a temperamental time of the year with hot sunny days followed by cold, wet and windy periods. With these fluctuations, special care needs to be taken to protect any new growth from damage. Sometimes you could get heatwaves with short bursts of heated air. Adequate water must be provided to ensure that trees do not dry out.

New growth is developing fast and is very soft with little tolerance to water and heat stress. For most bonsai beginners take note, this time of the year is the MOST dangerous time for you regarding watering.

In relation to the excess heat we have been receiving, some caution needs to be taken to ensure the tree isin fresh soil. So please complete all your repotting. Sometimes when a tree is root bound the roots can block the drainage hole, the excess water can be blocked up.

Another  thing to be aware of is the growth cycle. In early spring the foliage grows first; from mid to late spring the roots start growing. So it vis essential the repotting you have to do needs to be done now, particularly non native bonsai. So I would recommend a regular fertiliser regime to keep the trees strength up prior to repotting and afterwards.