Ikebana Course - Intermediate - 2023

Ikebana Course - Intermediate - 2023

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Japanese Flower Arrangement

Your teacher Megumi is a master of Koryu Shoyo-Kai School in Sydney and holds classes throughout the year for beginners to advanced students. She is a member of Ikebana International Sydney Chapter, participating in demonstrations and exhibitions.

Classes are monthly on the 4th Sunday. A new flower arrangement is created each lesson. Start your lessons anytime during the year.

Tuition fee includes 10 lessons and notes, but not materials.

Sunday Morning

Time: 10:30am to 12:30pm

26 February 2023
26 March 2023
23 April 2023
28 May 2023
25 June 2023
23 July 2023
27 August 2023
24 September 2023
22 October 2023
26 November 2023

Origins of Ikebana Koryu School

Koryu Shoyo Kai IkebanaThe Koryu Ikebana School seeks to express beauty and elegance using the fundamentals of space, structure and naturalism that has been perfected by its practitioners since it was established in 1760 (Edo period), by Imai Isshiken Soufu. Following a simple, prescriptive pattern based on an asymmetrical triangle whose 3 points represent heaven, earth and man, the Seika style reaches out to us, symbolising both the natural world and our connection to it.