Ikebana Workshop - Intermediate & Advanced

Ikebana Workshop - Intermediate & Advanced

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Japanese Flower Arrangement

Your teacher Megumi is a master of Koryu Shoyo-Kai School in Sydney and holds classes throughout the year for beginners to advanced students. She is a member of Ikebana International Sydney Chapter, participating in demonstrations and exhibitions.

Try ikebana for 1 lesson. Class times are part of the 10 lesson course held on the 4th Sunday of each month. A new flower arrangement is created each lesson, so it's possible to attend any time.

Tuition fee includes 1 lesson and notes, but not materials.

Intermediate students may use the program below. Advanced students have a free choice including Seika arrangement.

Sunday Mornings

Time: 10:30am to 12:30pm

24 February 2019 - Basket and/or driftwood arrangement
24 March 2019 - Basket and/or driftwood arrangement
28 April 2019 - Glassware and/or miniature arrangement
26 May 2019 - Slanting or horizontal style arrangement
23 June 2019 - Free choice (Moribana & Nageire style)
28 July 2019 - Free choice (Moribana & Nageire style)
25 August 2019 - Prepare for exhibition on 7 Sep.
7 September 2019 - Exhibition
27 October 2019 - Landscape Moribana Arrangement
24 November 2019 - Christmas or New Year arrangement