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  • Beautifully styled bonsai, partially trained plants, bonsai starters
  • Bonsai Pots, Tools & Accessories
  • Ikebana containers & tools from Japan

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  • Bonsai Hire - for weddings, corporate functions, photo shoots
  • Professional services - pruning, repotting, styling of garden plants

Bonsai Nursery

OPEN 7 Days
9 am - 5 pm

Visit us at:

206-208 Forest Way
Belrose NSW 2085

Inside Hidden Orient Nursery

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About Bonsai Art

Bonsai Art Pty Ltd, established in 1975, as importers, wholesalers and retailers of pots, tools, all requirements and accessories for bonsai.

In 1988 on the purchase of one hectare of land at Terrey Hills, we opened a Bonsai Nursery called Imperial Bonsai Nursery.

In 2002 Brian & Megumi Bennett were joined at the nursery by son Alex, who spent 2 years studying bonsai professionally in Japan. Both Megumi and Alex are qualified horticulturists. Megumi also received the bonsai instructors certificate from Nippon Bonsai Association Japan.

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